You may enjoy the view of the rising sun in a bright room full of light. This dreams may come true in the winter garden, an ideal place that combines a garden and a house.

A well designed winter garden window, constructed using the state-of-the-art materials, is a place accumulating heat for the whole house, which may also greatly reduce energy consumption. Apart from the high glazing parameters, heat is also accumulated due to heat-holding wooden profiles with aluminum cladding. To make it resistant to wind and snow, the winter garden room must have a solid construction, preferably made of wood and aluminum.

We build winter garden windows on the basis of pillar and spandrel beam construction of Vella aluminum and wooden system, in which pillars (50, 60, 80 mm thick and their depth is calculated as per the statistical calculations of the architect) have the load-carrying capacity, while roofs are made with the use of single-pitch construction, as well as double-pitch and multi-pitch construction, together with the a proper glass packet. This solution seems to be natural and it helps keep the room warm, and at the same time it is an ideal solution that ensures long durability without the need of frequent maintenance works.

Thanks to the fact that a complete offer of aluminum and wood joinery has been introduced, we can propose not only to construct windows which are 68, 78 and 92 thick with Aluron – Gemini cover plates (i.e. Fix permanent glazing; RU windows) but also Patio doors of all thicknesses range, with aluminum covering in rich variety of models and colours. When designing winter garden, the elementary issue arises related to glazing, the shading method and air conditioning. To ensure safety of the winter garden occupant, we recommend using tempered glass from the outside, in combination with laminated safety glass from the inside, as well as using the panes with low thermal permeability parameter, panes covered with some special coatings that protect against the ultraviolet radiation in the self-cleaning glass.

When selecting the glass, a set of parameters should be considered, as its functionality depends on fulfilling these parameters, the most important of which is the heat penetration coeffcient (U). The choice of panes is crucial, as the orangery mainly consists of panes. By means of appropriate glass, we may improve the thermal balance in our house and obtain double effect of passive transfer
of heat to interior of winter garden.
The winter gardens is a luxury of living close to the nature.