Profile (construction A, B)

  • Soft-line
  • Retro


  • glued laminated wood of 3 layers
  • three-layer glued wood – solid outer layer of 68 mm x 82 mm (possibility of micro-implant connection for lengths over 2,5 m)


  • glued laminated wood of 3 layers
  • structure – frame in dimensions 68 mm x 140 mm


  • hinges SIMONSWERK BAKA PROTECT 3D FD opened to inside – adjustable
  • covers for hinges in the handle color – F1, F4
  • strip lock, thee-point per one insert ROTO C500
  • catching strip – NEW!!!
  • A class insert


  • acrylic paints, according to Gebauer pallet
  • white color RAL 9016


  • milled waterproof panel with thermal insulation (design A) with thickness 24-32 mm
  • waterproof panel with thermal insulation (design B), thickness 24-32mm (plywood and milled timber)
  • decorative milling of the coffer edges – retro profile

Maximum dimensions

  • max. wing dimensions 1200x2300mm
  • max. frame and wing dimensions for single wing door 1280x2320mm,
  • max. frame dimensions of double-wing door 2250x2320mm,
  • max. height with top light window in one frame 2500mm, above the height 2500mm the light window in a separate frame


  • according to hinge and glass diagrams


  • double-glazed pane with a low heat penetration coefficient from U=1.1 (m2•K)
  • glazing beads Soft-Line or Retro
  • max. pane package: construction A – 24-32mm, construction B – 24-32mm, top light windows 24-32mm

Bottom drip

  • straight wooden for Soft-Line profile,
  • milled for Retro profile


  • Hoppe London in colors: F1, F4
  • long plate, distance of holes 92


  • two-side insert 1 pc. of A class: nickel or brass color
  • insert size: 45/50


  • grooved seal in colors: white, brown
  • second rebate seal in colors: white, brown
  • silicone – white, transparent, teak, palisander
  • colourless silicone for RAL color woodwork


  • aluminium thermal threshold in colors: silver with black ends